Airoh Aviator 2.3 AMSS Great Blue Chrome S

650,00 € km-ga


520,00 € km-ga


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Included in the package:Set of screws.Cover for higher aerators. Kit go pro.Bag to hold the Airoh helmet.

Rohkem infot

Rohkem infot

The real champions never stop, there is always a new goal to be cut, a new challenge to win, a new track to run on.Aviator 2.3 AMS2 (Airoh Multiaction Safety System) is the new version of the Off Road helmets line that introduces important technological innovations (patented by Airoh) that improve the experience driving when the rider's safety: synthesis of all the know-how of Airoh Helmet ®, is a unique model in the world that redefines the standards of comfort, breathability and protection.The total safety offered by Carbon Kevlar, a material that minimizes weight and maximizes resistance, is flanked by two systems patented by Airoh Helmet ®: A.E.F.R. for the rapid removal of pillows and AMS2, the most advanced found for protection against angular impact, which makes its debut in the Airoh Helmet ® lines with Aviator 2.3. Another important new feature of version 2.3 is the internal magnetic hooking system, which allows both a block in their position and an easy removal when desired. A new range of graphics and colors with grit and charisma make Aviator 2.3 stand out in every situation. The wide field of vision, the ventilation system with front air intake, upper, rear and on the mentone, completes the evolution of the new Aviator.